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Our Services

                                                              With over 120 years experience combined

property/Facility management

Our services such as qualified tenant selection, maintenance of your rental properties and ensuring that all applicable laws and regulations are enforced to protect our clients


We provide a wide range of services including documentation review, construction delivery management, defects management, quality assurance, risk management and financial controls.

PROJECT  MARKETING                 

From small scale boutique residential projects to integrated township & developments, we  provide a complete consultancy service for residential development, backed by our international  partners' extensive market knowledge and experience.

financial management

We  offer a robust accounting platform that fully supports the necessary reporting and internal controls with international standards including annual budgeting, cash management, service collection and administration of all payments.

M&E services

We provide comprehensive Mechanical & Electrical services to a large portfolio of commercial, retail, financial and healthcare organisations, who entrust the refurbishment upgrading and maintenance of their asset to us.


We provide structured  Property/Facility Management consultancy & on-site training.  

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      • We are ISO- accredited Singapore-based facility management company
      • We are committed to providing international standards.
      • We know the security & cleaning of your property is top priority.
      • We know what the importance of preventive MEP maintenance.   
      • We use the latest technology to your advantage.

          About us

          We are fully staffed by caring professionals who have the talent, creativity and most importantly, the passion to serve the  residents and maintaining your estate to create a perfect and healthy environment to live in. 

          More about us

          Our Projects 

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          Five Points that define Our Reliability

          • Exceptional Service Experience
          • Innovative Technology
          • Professional team with extensive experience
          • Confidentiality and Discretion at all times.
          • Unmatched Personalized Support

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